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Title 2020 KoNECT-MOHW-MFDS International Conference
Date September 09th ~ 11th
Venue Virtual
Language English (English – Korean Simultaneous Translation)
Target Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotech Companies, Hospitals, Clinical Trial Centers, Government, CROs, Research Institutes
Audience From Industry, Government, Universities and Hospitals (1,006 attendees in 2019)


Hosted by KoNECT (Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials) MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare) MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
Sponsored by MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Supported by Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Association (KPBMA)
Korean Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (KRPIA)
Korea Drug Research Association (KDRA)
Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization (KoreaBio)
Korea Biomedicine Industry Association (KOBIA)
Korea Drug Development Fund Foundation (KDDF)
National OncoVenture
Korean Cancer Association (KCA)
Korean Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (KSCPT)
Korean Association of Institutional Review Boards (KAIRB)
The Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (KSPM)
Korea Society for Clinical Development (KSCD)
Korea Contract Research Organization Association (KCROA)
Korean Association of Clinical Research Coordinator (KACRC)
The Korean Society of Non-Clinical Study (KSNS)
Council for Advanced Regenerative Medicine(CARM)
Korean Society for Stem Cell Research(KSSCR)
Korea Medical Devices Industry Association(KMDIA)
Korea In-Vitro Diagnostics Association(KIVDA)
WEBSITE http://www.konectintconference.org