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공지 2020 KIC is Now Virtual! 2020-06-05 383
공지 식약처 기준 임상시험 종사자 전 직능 심화/보수 교육 수료 관련 공지 2020-05-14 655
공지 임상시험종사자 교육 수료증 안내 2019-09-25 511
공지 We sincerely thank you for your participation! 2019-09-25 201
공지 D-1 Conference Registration will be closed on Today 2019-09-06 301
공지 2019 KIC Brochure (updated) 파일 2019-08-26 356
공지 D-15 Registration will be closed on 6 September 2019 2019-08-22 141
공지 LAUNCH: Official Application for 2019 KoNECT-MOHW-MFDS International Conference! 2019-08-05 359
공지 2019 KIC Brochure (updated) 파일 2019-07-17 539
공지 Early-bird registration is closing soon! 2019-07-15 225
공지 Why KIC? Seventh reasons to attend: The free business partnering meeting room will be provided for all attendees to find potential business partners during the conference 2019-07-15 124
공지 Why KIC? Sixth reasons to attend: Attendees can acquire up-to-date clinical trial knowledge and get global network through participating speakers 2019-07-08 80
공지 Why KIC? Fifth reasons to attend: Attendees can connect all in one place 2019-07-03 96
공지 Why KIC? Fourth reasons to attend: The actuality of non-clinical trials for successful clinical trials 2019-06-27 99
공지 Early Birds Registration Extended! 2019-06-24 141
공지 D-7 Register Now and Save! 2019-06-21 95
공지 D-15 Take Advantage of Early Bird Registration Savings! 2019-06-14 97
공지 Why KIC? Third reasons to attend: The latest information and actuality on the clinical development for pharmaceutical companies and biotech 2019-06-14 89
공지 Why KIC? Second reasons to attend: A chapter of practical discussion on immediately applicable to the clinical development and clinical trial operations 2019-06-10 87
공지 We started the Instagram page of 2019 KIC!! 2019-06-04 76
공지 Why KIC? First reasons to attend: Information and trends of Clinical trial regulation (Regulatory Updates) 2019-06-03 127
공지 Register NOW! 2019-05-30 116
공지 2019 KIC Brochure 파일 2019-05-27 1134
공지 2019 KIC 안내문 파일 2019-05-27 260
공지 2019 KoNECT-MOHW-MFDS International Conference Preparations in Full Swing 2019-05-15 152
공지 2019 KoNECT-MOHW-MFDS International Conference 2019-03-22 393