Scientific Program

Program Details

September 09 (Wed)

Time Program Speaker Affilliation
W1: Mastering Risk-Based Monitoring & Quality Management
09:30~11:00 Workshop 1: 1. TBD Chair : Yoon-Duk Han,
Hye-Jong Yoo
09:30~10:15 RBM overview & methodology: on-site, off-site & central monitoring(including FDA Guidance) Eehwa Pae Bristol-Myers Squibb
10:15~11:00 Mock RACT exercise Hyewon Song Sanofi
11:00~11:30 Coffee Break
11:30~13:00 Workshop 1: 2. TBD Chair : Yoon-Duk Han,
Hye-Jong Yoo
11:30~12:00 Mock site risk assessment - workshop Ji-Hee Kwon AstraZeneca
12:00~12:30 Case study - Challenges & Opportunities (Global) Clare Park Roche
12:15~12:30 Case study - Challenges & Opportunities (Local) Hyunju Park CKD Pharmacy
12:30~13:00 Measuring the impact of RBM & Future of RBM Yoon-Duk Han Pfizer(TransCelerate)
W2: Biotech Boot Camp
09:30~11:00 Workshop 2: 1. TBD Chair : James Lee
09:30~10:20 From Idea to Inception Jason Koo LB Investment
10:20~11:00 Art of Fundraising Jung-Seob Shin KB Investment
11:00~11:30 Coffee Break
11:30~13:00 Workshop 2: 2. TBD Chair : James Lee
11:30~12:00 From Molecule to IND Yun-Jeong Song Immuneoncia
12:00~12:30 How to Prepare IND Kisuk Kim C&R Research
12:30~13:00 How to Best Utilize CROs Jenny Shin Syneos Health
W3: 360º insight from Data to AI
14:00~15:30 Workshop 3: 1. Insight on BIO-Health DATA Chair : Brian Jo,
Sungho Won
14:00~14:45 Data management for biomedical statistics and beyond Sungho Won Seoul National University
14:45~15:30 "Real Data Analysis" : case study Hyeon-Jong Yang Soonchunhyang University Hospital
15:30~16:00 Coffee Break
16:00~17:30 Workshop 3: 2. 360º insight on AI from basic concept to application Chair : Brian Jo,
Sungho Won
16:00~16:45 Building a machine learning application from data to deployment U Kang Seoul National University
16:45~17:30 Case study of AI-based new drug R&D using unstructured data Seonee Nam SK C&C
W4 : Business Development 101 for Beginners
14:00~15:30 Workshop 4: 1. Overview of Business Development Chair : Sung-Chun Kim,
James Lee
14:00~14:30 Business Development Overview and Global Trend Lauren Young-Mi Lee Hanmi Pharmaceutical
14:30~15:00 How to Prepare BD Activities Young-hwa Kim AstraZeneca
15:00~15:30 How to Develop Contacts Min-Jae Shin Kairos Bioconsulting
15:30~16:00 Coffee Break
16:00~17:30 Workshop 4: 2. Negotiation & Alliance Management Chair : Sung-Chun Kim,
James Lee
16:00~16:30 BD Negotiation Hemmie Chang Foley Hoag
16:30~17:00 Alliance Management Summer Park Pharma Ventures
17:00~17:30 Who can help BD activities? Ted Byung-Chan Moon RM Global